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Engage meaningfully in your work life and life’s work


My name is Alicia Pace.

I joyfully bring my empathy, experience, education and diverse skillset to my work. 

By facilitating development and change within ourselves and our organizations, we can positively influence a shift toward our desired future(s).


"Alicia is a multi-talented facilitator of human growth. Her work in organizational development, facilitation, complex systems change and coaching is simply outstanding. I have walked alongside Alicia now for many years, as a colleague and friend and I have experienced all of her inspiring work firsthand.


Above all else, Alicia cares very deeply about people, truly and authentically. She carries this deeply rooted interest in people's lives, where they come from, where they are right now and where they inspire to go. I have experienced Alicia's coaching skills, supporting individuals or groups of people to make huge steps toward their desired futures.


Super well prepared, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, being fun and fully present, this is how you experience Alicia if you have the pleasure of working with her."

~ Julius Halaschek-Wiener, PhD; KB Division of Family Practice

Let's work together.

Book a discovery call at no charge. 

We can discuss your goals, my approach and pricing structures to see if we are a fit.

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