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Organizational Development 
Systems, People, Culture & Learning 


We spend an enormous amount of our lives and energy at work. Whether we are aiming to create them, shape them, or simply exist within them, our workplaces/mates are an undeniable force in our lives.  They are the space where we can feel pride, accomplishment, connection, purpose. They are also places where we can feel small, silenced, bored or drained. On top of that it seems our organizational life is increasing in complexity, output and pace. 


Leadership. Culture. Structure. Team dynamics.

Decision making. Communication.

Power. Equity. Moral Distress. 


These elements are at play in every workplace and the need to reflect, realign and reimage how we build and maintain our organizations is key to our mental, physical, emotional and organizational health.  The time we invest in our work-life should enhance our lives, families and communities,  not diminish them. 


I am endlessly interested and committed to working with individuals, teams and organizations to find healthy, strategic and connected ways forward to navigate and adapt in turbulent, complex ecosystems. My  role is to help guide diverse team members and collaborators through honest conversations that are foundational for meaningful and engaged action.

I joyfully bring my empathy, experience, education and diverse skillset to my work. 

Let's connect and explore next steps. 

Selection of Clients


Let's work together.

Book a discovery call at no charge. 

We can discuss your goals, my approach and pricing structures to see if we are a fit.

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