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To make change and develop resilience, you need to feel supported and inspired to align with what is truly important to you at this point in your life. My coaching approach is centered on developmental transformation and allows you to be deeply heard, work from your strengths, recognize what is stuck, and discover a meaningful way forward with honesty and courage.


Coaching can help you explore questions such as: 


Who am I? How do I put myself out in the world?  

What is my purpose? What are my gifts?  What is holding me back? 

How can I skillfully set boundaries and understand my needs? 

What decisions need to be made to increase my impact and resilience? 

How can I wholeheartedly bring my full self into my work and responsibilities with confidence and integrity?


Whether you are an emerging or seasoned leader, self-employed or creative, I can help you refine your sense of self in your life and work.

It helps to have someone in your corner. 

As a certified Integral coach I provide a holistic approach to help you integrate cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions to achieve your goals, enhance self-awareness, and address challenges in a more comprehensive and effective way.  All sessions are held over zoom. 

 Foundational Program

Cultivate your awareness and courage to make empowered choices through this 5-month Coaching program. 

Organizational Partners

Tailored for partnerships striving to accomplish organizational objectives or specific projects.

Whether you’re an executive director partnering with a new board chair or project leads embarking on a new initiative.

A facilitated approach ensures a strong groundwork for fruitful collaboration, setting the stage for success.


You may have an important meeting, event or challenging situation that you would like some support in prepping for or debriefing.  We can work together for one or more sessions, as fits your situation. 

Let's work together.

Book a discovery call at no charge. 

We can discuss your goals, my approach and pricing structures to see if we are a fit.

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