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Coaching for Leadership Partners & New Teams

Joint Coaching for New Partnerships & Teams

This package (5 facilitated sessions)  is designed for partnerships or teams who are new to working together and need to achieve an organizational goal or project. You may be an executive director with a new board chair or a new project team. A facilitated start helps to ensure a solid foundation is in place for successful collaboration.


Joint Coaching to Enhance Performance and Impact

This package (4 facilitated sessions) is designed for colleagues seeking to develop and deepen their working relationship to increase their impact and advance the organizational goals or projects they are co-stewarding.


When leadership partners are struggling, competing or simply surviving, this coaching series can clear the air, sharpen the vision and enliven this key relationship. 

Let's work together.

Book a discovery call at no charge. 

We can discuss your goals, my approach and pricing structures to see if we are a fit.

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