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Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Healthy conflict is a natural and constructive part of relationships and organizations. When differing opinions and perspectives are expressed openly and respectfully, there is a generative and creative energy that can drive relationships or projects forward. 


Yet conflict can also be toxic and destructive when characterized by intense emotions, entrenched positions, and a focus on winning rather than resolving the issue. It can involve personal attacks, distrust, and a breakdown in communication, making it difficult to find common ground or achieve a positive outcome. 


I am drawn to conflict resolution and mediation because I have faced difficult conflicts in my own life and understand how scary and emotional it can be. My experience has taught me the transformative power of understanding and empathy in navigating these challenges and also some of the lingering pain of unresolved conflict. 


Through my training in Restorative Justice, Conflict Mediation and extensive experience in Organizational Development, I have developed the skills to support others in better understanding their own experiences and needs. I help clients articulate what matters to them, communicate effectively with themselves and others, and find the courage to address their conflicts.


Individual Conflict Coaching

Support in personal conflict understanding, communication and engagement.


Mediation between two parties to facilitate constructive dialogue and mutual understanding. 

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict management to aid harmonious and productive work environments. 

Let's work together.

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